Hi, my name is
Joe Lynch

I'm a software developer.

I love solving problems and helping people.

I'm looking for work.

I've been programming for the past 10 years, and doing so professionally for 8 years. Outside of professional work, I still enjoy using programming to make things:

Here's a web app I made for managing logistical problems of large (40-500+) groups of players in a social videogame. This one is for finding people to make or play videogames with. I did everything from the back-end to front-end, and server deployment myself.

Here's a list of 300+ features I designed, implemented, tested, and deployed for one of those hobby projects. I really enjoy making stuff.

I enjoy the entire creative process from ideation to deployment. I also understand all of the challenges in starting a business, because I've done it myself and on my own. Not going to lie; it was stressful.

I get a great sense of satisfaction from supporting other people and would be most happy doing work that challenges me both technically and socially. Supporting and enabling a teams or groups would probably be my dream position.

I thrive the most when I'm put into positions that challenge me. I'm quite well traveled, and do my best to stay well-rounded.